Plastotop Barrett’s Maintenance Guide


Maintenance Guide

It is important to implement certain maintenance procedures to retain the playing characteristics and general appearance of your “PLASTO-TOP BARRETTS” tennis court. After the court has been handed over to you, we recommend the following procedures to ensure this upkeep.

  1. During the early life of the court, it is important not to play on the court whilst it is still damp. The binder used retains a water solubility factor for a number of months, and therefore, when played on whilst damp, the granules providing the texture can be rubbed loose. Similarly, in extremely hot conditions, for the first few months, the plasticised surfaces, being new and tacky, could adhere to the sole of the shoe and cause minor twisting/lifting blemishes. As the court matures, all the compounds that make up the surface, cure and harden, becoming far more resistant to these phenomenon.
  2. Ensure that a border of at least 20cm is kept trimmed around the court to avoid damage caused by grass encroachment.
  3. Do not over-tense the tennis court net. This can cause net poles to bend inwards resulting in cracking around the base of the pole.
  4. In order to extend the life of the surface and the life of the tennis balls, it is important to wash the court down on a regular basis. We recommend that the court should be washed down at least once a week. The life of a tennis ball is extended almost three times when being used on a clean surface.
  5. Avoid hitting the court with racquets. Naturally, there will be certain times when this takes place in the course of play. However, in fits of anger, damage can be done to the surface.
  6. Where the surface of the court is blemished by bird (fruitbats, etc.) droppings, or spillage of any kind, it is advisable that these blemishes be sponged/hosed (do not scrub) off as soon as possible.
  7. Although, in some instances, creepers enhance the appearance of the court, they can, in fact, result in the fence being blown over in high winds. Where either creepers or the approved backdrop are attached to the fence, additional stays should be used to bolster the uprights of the fence.
  8. Bicycles, tricycles, skateboards etc, should not be ridden on the court.
  9. Certain trees and shrubs can cause damage to the court surface through root encroachment – consult your Nursery before planting trees and shrubs near the court.
  10. Ensure surface water from the surrounding terrain does not build up behind the retaining walls or flow onto the court. Avoid garden beds next to the retaining wall.
  11. Regulation white soled (or non marking) tennis shoes should be worn at all times.
  12. When using an umpire’s chair, ball machine or any other article producing point loading, it is essential that a flat board / rubber mat, be placed under the spiked undersurface to avoid denting or marking of the court.
  13. Overhanging branches, apart from encouraging bird droppings and being messy, could result in those areas remaining damp, providing an excellent medium for algae growth, which is detrimental to the surface. Ideally, the branches should be cut back or the court must be inspected regularly for black algae growth

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